The New Addition – Meet the Kitten!

Yes, that’s right. Cute fluffy baby cat coming your way!

This beautiful little lady is my new baby!

I’m afraid she doesn’t have a solid name yet, but it’s likely to be Peggy, as it’s the only one Tom and I have agreed on and actively like. When we get to choose her, her name was going to be Bramble. But it just doesn’t suit her. So in the next 4 weeks of preparation, picking out a name has to be factored in.

‘Peggy’ is a four-week old ragdoll kitten. There is a little significance in the breed we chose – we desperately need an indoor cat, something I don’t heavily believe in. Cats descend from a solitary, predatory ancestor, are active hunters and roamers and need to establish a territory. I live in a second floor flat on a busy street in the city centre. I couldn’t just get any old cat and expect in to stay indoors.

Enter the beautiful ragdoll. Ragdolls are renowned for their stunning looks and gentle nature. That nature means they are not at all territorial and will not fight another cat. So if they wonder into another cat’s territory, they will get beaten up. So they are strictly indoor cats. They’re also so friendly to humans, and get their breed name because they characteristically flop when picked up. This docile nature, combined with being a well-known breed that is pretty beautiful, means they are ripe for the picking if a cat-knapper happens to spot one in their neighborhood. For these reasons, ragdolls must be kept as indoor cats.

But the docile nature is a major selling point, if like me and Tom, you’re probably more of a dog person. My parents just got a puppy and he is the cutest thing on the planet, but with out tiny flat and no outdoor access, we can’t justify having a dog right now. Ragdolls can be easily introduced to dogs and other humans, and are very friendly, liking company and not really favouring solitude. They mostly like to hang out with their humans. Some even play fetch!

But she’s completely adorable! We bring her home in 4 weeks time and I can’t wait!

And judging by this photo, neither can she! (Or she already wants to kill me. Can’t decide…)

Seriously though, it’s so hard to take pictures of a 3 week old kitten. They don’t half wriggle!

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11 thoughts on “The New Addition – Meet the Kitten!”

  1. Hello! Just discovered you on Twitter and decided to visit your blog. I am happy to have discovered you this morning! I am a crazy cat man myself, and this post makes my heart warm and happy. I think Peggy is an adorable name πŸ™‚

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