Blogmas Day 1 – Student Friendly Christmas Ideas

If your anything like me, Christmas begins as soon as the bonfires burn out and the last firework has been set off on November 5th. It’s at that point I begin browsing for gifts, making my wishlist and blaring our the Christmas music. It truly is the most wonderful time of year!
It’s also the time of year when I’m wanting to get into the spirit by going out, meeting up with people, spreading some joy and having a good time. But this costs money – something me and my fellow students don’t have a whole bunch of. And if you have a big family like I do, money needs to be reserved for gift giving. But that doesn’t have to stop us from heading out and having a good time!
Here I’m listing a few ideas of things to do to get in the Christmas spirit, without traveling far and certainly without breaking the bank!

Why I Chose to Move 600 Miles from Home for University

One thing I see come up most often when people describe why they chose their university is proximity to home. So what happens when you meet someone that moved so far from home they can’t just pop back every weekend with a bag of dirty laundry, enjoy a Sunday roast and then grab a late train back on Sunday morning?

I am that person. Whilst Aberdeen University does have an amazing biology department and is one of the world leaders in marine biology research, one of my defining factors for choosing it out of my other options was that it was a 600 mile journey away from my home town.

The Dissertation – Where I’m At

We’re slugging into November and I’m so far off course it hurts. I thought I’d have my stats done by now and be into writing the thesis. As it stands, one seal does over 250 dives a day and R is very complex to use! After 3 weeks of crying because I couldn’t figure out how to make R do what I wanted to do, I had a little chat with my supervisor and a discussion about what I had so far. I can’t go into the technicalities without boring you so much you’ll block my URL. So I’ll just say I was told to state a few assumptions and go from there.

The Dissertation Blog – Week 2

How in 1200 words (which I initially thought was 2200, cue one hell of a word cut-down!) can you explain an entire research proposal, including background, hypothesis and actual plan of action?! I can’t help but feel I sound like a five year old reeling off seal facts. And hey, why doesn’t anyone just publish fun animal facts? I need to reference basic seal biology but can I find it anywhere in a peer reviewed journal unless you want to get crazy technical? No, no I can’t. Thank you IUCN for being the one website I can still use as a credible source!

So, you want to be a Marine Biologist?

Conjure up the words “Marine Biologist” and the image of a tanned young woman leaping from a yacht into a vibrant coral reef, where she immediately begins a happy dance with a friendly dolphin comes to mind. Sadly, that is not marine biology and trust me, if I could get paid to do that, I would! Marine Biology is a huge, diverse subject covering a range of environments, animals, plants and ecological systems. It is not just cuddling dolphins in warm climates. If that’s what you want to do, save your money. Don’t go to uni. Get on a plane and head to the States and get a job at Seaworld (and don’t update me on your progress because I hate Seaworld! #EmptyTheTanks!).

Science and Beauty: Can We Really Have the Best of Both Worlds?

Because honestly, who the hell cares that I run a beauty blog whilst studying? I am a marine biologist at heart – it’s my first passion and my favourite thing in the world. I’ve put more effort into getting my degree than I have anything else in the world. Last week, I was stood in a freezing cold rock pool, digging around for periwinkles at 8am for a practical, and yes, I was wearing makeup. The only time I won’t wear makeup is when I’m diving, because what’s the point? If I want to be wearing makeup and have cat-eye flicks on my eyelids whilst I’m doing my degree or in any future career, and I want to write about it for a hobby, is that honestly a problem?