Blogmas Day 15 – Handing in My Dissertation – All the Thoughts I’ve had

I’ve written a few times about my disseration. When I first started trying to post about it weekly, it seemed like ages away that I’d be handing it in. But here we are; Christmas is fast approaching, and I’ve handed in a draft. I have a set of results, a lot of reading to do, and a lot of graphs to make. So as I gulp in anticipation of only having one term of uni left (I’m both terrified and SO DAMN READY!), I’m using today to reflect on everything a dissertation throws at you.

Blogmas Day 9 – Mulled Wine Recipe

You can usually head out to the shop and pick up a pre made bottle of mulled wine that can just be tipped into a cup and microwaved. But where’s the fun in that? Mulled wine is surprisingly easy to make, with items you most likely already have in your food cupboard. Not only is it simple, it’s fun to make, involves minimal mess, can be made en masse and fills your home with lovely, spicy, Christmassy scent. It’s super warming, and a great drink for both parties and a cosy night in!

Blogmas Day 8 – Christmas Gifts on a Student Budget

As I said on Blogmas Day 1, it’s tough being a student and trying to afford Christmas. You want to be festive and give the best gifts to everyone, but, if you’re anything like me, your bank account is already in the minus and exams are at the forefront of your mind. Getting gifts for your friends and family just add another rock heap onto that mountain of stress, and although you don’t want to disappoint, you do start to wonder if your parents would honestly mind if you just gave them a hug and a little speech on why it’s not the giving at Christmas that’s important, but the being together (and cue loud singing of Christmas songs when anyone tries to tell you you’re wrong!).

Blogmas Day 5 – A Family Christmas – My Favourite Traditions

When you grow up, Christmas is no longer about the presents and becomes more and more about spending a day with the people closest to you. This is the first year ever I’ll actually be spending away from home, as I’m spending Christmas with my Boyfriend and his mum this year. Their traditions are a little different from my family’s – with it usually just being the two of them they have a quiet chilled out day. My sister has four children, and so Christmas is a big affair featuring as many people as we can fit in our living room. Everyone is welcome in our house on Christmas day!

Blogmas Day 4 – My Christmas Tree

Our tree was from Tesco (last year), is 7ft tall, and is a ‘luxury’ artificial tree. It has 3 different branch types, along with pine cones and plastic berries built in. Whilst I was aiming for a cheaper 6ft basic fir tree, but Tom does not do things by half (despite his many complaints about it being too big as we unfolded all the branches this year, and insisting he was not the one that pushed for the bigger tree). If we wanted to, we could just wrap lights around it and leave it as it is. But that is not me, and so out come the baulbles!