May Birchbox 2017 Word of Rachel

Why I Cancelled my Birchbox Subscription

But I have decided that along with shelving the monthly subscription box posts, I’m also cancelling my Birchbox subscription. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but when I received my July box and opened it up with an emotion of pure indifference I realised it wasn’t worth the monthly fee any more. I kept up until July to see what the Birthday Treat was (I’m guessing an extra sample, unless everyone else got 6 this month?), but I couldn’t get excited for the contents. Having a quick glance, I closed the box without really taking it in. I wasn’t disappointed, just underwhelmed. It was time to close my Birchbox account and kiss goodbye to that monthly gift.

Birchbox June 2017 Word of Rachel

June Birchbox: Daytrippin’

The beginning of the June has spun around quicker than I care for to be honest! Where is this year going and what do you mean I’m going to be 25 next month?!?! Whilst I’m busy simply trying to figure out time travel so I can be 21 again, my monthly subscription boxes arrived! This month’s summery Birchbox wasn’t a box at all, but a lovely little Birchbag instead!

Festivals 2017 – The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

One of the biggest fashion looks I saw at Coachella was the boho look. I’m so happy it’s making a come back! Time for rustic, floral prints, loose fitting dresses, short denim shorts and loose, wavy hair. It’s all about naturalness. The “I woke up like this” vibe. As if you rolled out of bed, selected the first piece of crumpled up clothing from your floordrobe and waltzed out of the front door, glowing and glorious. Except in reality, it’s a carefully calculated look, pairing the right print with the right accessories and the right makeup. But in my opinion, the right makeup is the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup look.

April Glossybox: Unboxing and Overview

I was really impressed with this month’s GlossyBox, which features three generous sized samples and two full sized products. The first thing that struck me when I lifted off the lid was a gorgeous smell, so strong I was convinced something had leaked! But no, everything was still perfectly intact and wrapped up in it’s packaging. There’s a few brands I’ve already got products from, and some new ones, so I’m really happy with this month’s box (And I haven’t even opened up any of the products yet!).

April Birchbox: Unboxing and First Impressions

This months Birchbox is a collaboration with the London based brand Boden and is themed “The Bold and the Beautiful”. There was an option to upgrade and get a cute cardholder. Being a student and poor, I decided not to opt for this. This month I received 2 full sized products, and I was quite impressed with the selection. I was given 2 makeup products, 2 skincare products and 1 hair product. So far, so good!

March Birchbox – The Overview

It’s that time of the month again (and not the one that freaks little boys out!); although it’s a few days late, my March Birchbox arrived today! A celebration of the anniversary of the first UK Birchbox, this month sees us given a simplistic box, plain, with a cardboard style lid. No drawer, but a cute cotton bag to store your stuff in. You also get a 20% off voucher for the Birchbox store. Nice!