Peggy’s Pets at Home Haul

Honest to God, if you ask me for my favourite shop it will hands down be Pets at Home. Even before I resigned myself to the life of a crazy cat lady, I loved that shop. Being able to look at cute bunnies and manically scream “I WANT ONE!” until my boyfriend dragged me away probably helped. A few years ago I had pet rats, and the small animal section became my second home.

Back then though, I only had to drop around £10 a time on a small bag of rat pellets and a few new toys for my ratties to play with. And when I first decided to get some, the cage, bedding, starter toys and a few other bits, basically my set up costs, came to a grand total of around £100. A cat is a lot bigger and needs a lot more stuff! So I’ve been spending more time and money in Pets at Home than any other shop over the past few weeks.

Peggy actually came home this past Saturday, but I’m listing the 2 Pets at Home hauls we got in anticipation of her getting here. For lack of better words it’s everything you need to get before you bring your new kitten home!

This scratching post has three different textures, and is a good starter for training our girl to stratch the post, not the furniture.

This fleecy bed should keep her cosy and comfortable! And the blue matches my living room colour scheme.

Although I’m pretty certain she won’t fit in this very long (female ragdoll cats can grow up to 15lbs!), this cute carrier did do the job of getting her from Invergordon to Aberdeen whilst she’s still small!

A kitten has got to accessorize (all right, maybe they don’t…) and I fell in love with this cute collar. I also wasn’t allowed to buy one that had shirt collars and a dinner tie attached. Stupid practical boyfriend…

I’m aiming to end up in the Tab by the end of next year as Aberdeen University’s resident crazy cat lady by walking my cat across campus! In all seriousness though, ragdoll cats need to be kept strictly indoors due to their overtly docile nature. That doesn’t mean they don’t love being outdoors though. So yes, my cat has a harness an a lead. For her own good, not because I want to torture my cat in the name of looking strange.

This toy box is perfect for organising Peggy’s toys. I love the colouring too – it looks a little dull here but it’s actually got golden sparkles all over it.

I’m pretty certain none of these toys will last too long – the mice are designed to be ripped apart! But this is what we’ve got to keep Peggy entertained so far. The mouse of a string is my favourite – I keep picking it up and playing with it. It’s also an important bonding toy that exercises the natural hunting instinct cats have.

The all important litter tray. It was literally impossible to get a good photo of this!

Essential food and water bowls, and a little non slip mat to keep things clean. How cute is the polka dot design though?

And finally, kitten treats and food. The breeder told us Peggy loves her dry food; we also have a 10kg bag that’s not in shot because I can’t pick it up…

All in all, we’ve spent around £250 just getting things together. Peggy herself cost us more than £500 and then there’s insurance, extra deposit on our flat in case of pet related damage, and vet fees. Getting a cat is a huge cost, and you need to be sure you can afford it before you go ahead with the adoption.

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  1. November 27, 2017 / 9:42 am

    That scratching post is everything! I can’t let my cats see it. lol!

  2. November 27, 2017 / 3:51 pm

    I LOVE all of pets at home collection! My hedgehogs like the cat fleeces & toys from there. We bought my parents cats a gorgeous bed from there too but they don’t use it- always just go on the floor! X

    • November 27, 2017 / 3:54 pm

      Ours never gets used either – she climbs on it but she sleeps either in our laps or under the sofa… I’m also very jealous you have pet hedgehogs!

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