The Dissertation Blog – Week 2

How in 1200 words (which I initially thought was 2200, cue one hell of a word cut-down!) can you explain an entire research proposal, including background, hypothesis and actual plan of action?! I can’t help but feel I sound like a five year old reeling off seal facts. And hey, why doesn’t anyone just publish fun animal facts? I need to reference basic seal biology but can I find it anywhere in a peer reviewed journal unless you want to get crazy technical? No, no I can’t. Thank you IUCN for being the one website I can still use as a credible source!

Things You’ll Only Know if You’re a Cold Water Scuba Diver

Think scuba diving, and you probably get an image of vibrant coral reefs in somewhere beautifully warm, probably identifying every single Finding Nemo character you can. I’m only a little bit jealous of those of you that learned to dive in somewhere like Greece or Bali (and I’m definitely not crying over your beautiful underwater photos). If, like me, you dedicated yourself to the sport (or what was available at the time) and found yourself learning to dive in cold water, there’s certain things you know that warm water divers just don’t understand (or anyone else in the world, diver or otherwise). Sometimes it’s comical. Other times you just want to cry…

The Beach Edit: The Products I Use After Scuba Diving

If you’ve read the title of this, I’ll be amazed if you decide to read on. So let me explain. You can thank the lovely Katie at Turn Loose the Swans for giving me the idea to do this post. She asked me what products I use post diving, as she needed some advice as to what products are best to be used after going to the beach. When I’m diving, I’m spending up to 50 minutes under water in salt-water lochs, and to top it off, I’m pulling my hair under a tight, neoprene hood and pressing a secure mask over my face and nose. The little areas of my face left exposed have to endure some pretty cold water. I’m also outside all day in all weather conditions so as far as extremes go, I’m pretty much the pinpoint! It takes a lot to avoid damaging my skin and hair, and so certain products must be used! So, although most of you may not be going to absolute extremes like I do, this may help you to keep your hair and skin in top shape after a full day of sand and seawater!

Scuba Diving on the West Coast of Scotland: I <3 Oban

Although this post will be mostly centered on my diving experiences, I have to recommend Oban as a travel destination. If you want to visit Scotland but don’t fancy a city break, Oban is the perfect spot. It’s really close to Glasgow and Stirling, and has excellent travel links. It’s small enough to feel quaint, but big enough to have decent shops within walking distance of the central hotels. It’s surrounded by loads of things to do and see, including the castles Dunstaffnage and Dunollie, and the harbour has regular sailings to the Isles of Mull, Colonsay, Coll and Tiree. It’s also the watersports capital of Scotland, and if you’re a qualified cold water diver who’s never dived here, I can’t recommend it enough!