Why I Chose to Move 600 Miles from Home for University

One thing I see come up most often when people describe why they chose their university is proximity to home. So what happens when you meet someone that moved so far from home they can’t just pop back every weekend with a bag of dirty laundry, enjoy a Sunday roast and then grab a late train back on Sunday morning?

I am that person. Whilst Aberdeen University does have an amazing biology department and is one of the world leaders in marine biology research, one of my defining factors for choosing it out of my other options was that it was a 600 mile journey away from my home town.

Exploring Scotland – Bennachie

If you’re new to hiking but fancy something a bit more substantial this is a surprisingly good, albeit challenging hike. It doesn’t take long, there are several route choices and the views are so worth the effort once you reach the top. My boyfriend insisted we park at the Visitor Centre and walk the Timeline Trail, and then mentioned halfway up it was probably the hardest route… Thanks! I had to stop maybe thirty times… But I went with no reservations about how hard the uphill climb would be, and made it despite my lack of fitness!

Review: Café Society Aberdeen

When I got back to Aberdeen, I started my search for independent coffee shops and Café Society, then called Quality Treats, was one of the first to pop up. I live right in the city centre, and this lovely café is only a five minute walk away. Shortly after my discovery, I was devastated to find the inside of Quality Treats ripped out and the branding gone. I was so sure I’d missed my chance! But after a few weeks out reopened as Café Society, and today I finally went in.