Blogmas Day 7 – Christmas Gift Ideas for your Cat

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Yes, we are at that point of crazy cat lady. It’s official – I’m making a gift guide for my cat…

I’m just going to put it out there that Peggy is most definitely on the naughty list. But I know my mother-in-law will spoil the life out of her this Christmas. And to be honest, I want to, too. She always needs new thing to keep her occupied, or else our feet get it! It’s also the only time of year I can buy her ridiculous clothing and have only half the usual judgement from my boyfriend (I’m still not over not being allowed to get her a suit-and-tie collar…).

So. what can you buy a cat for Christmas? Pet’s at Home have a wonderful range, some of which I’ve featured, but if you want to avoid the stereotypical “Treat-Stocking”, I have some ideas…

Christmas Tree Cardboard Cat Scratcher – £6.00

Catnip Bauble – £3.00

Christmas Tree Feather Chaser – £3.50

Christmas Laser Pointer – £5.00

Christmas Velvet Bow – £5.00

Santa Harness – £9.00

And there you have it – all the things I definitely want to buy my cat for Christmas! Although I don’t think she’ll forgive he bow. Or the harness…

Are you getting you pets any Christmas gifts? Let me know in the comments!

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