Blogmas Day 4 – My Christmas Tree

“Just so you know, I’m putting the Christmas tree up on Friday night. You can’t stop me!”

AKA the text I sent my boyfriend on Wednesday.

You have to give props to the partners of bloggers everywhere – living with a blogger is hard. My boyfriend regularly has to deal with photography props everywhere, me spending all my money on makeup I do not need, and being sent gift requests for special occasions months in advance. Whenever we go anywhere, I have to photograph everything. And now that I’m planning my blog out, everything we have to do has to be based around that.

So this year, the Christmas tree had a deadline and if I could’ve put it up in mid November, I would have. But Tom is very much in the camp of “You can’t celebrate Christmas until December, Rachel!”, so we compromised. The tree went up on December 1st, well before my December 4th deadline (because I was not jiggling my blogmas plans around any more!). And today, we have the presentation of the tree

Christmas tree, decorated with lights and baubles.

Excuse my wonky star – didn’t realise it was so off when the picture was being taken!

Our tree was from Tesco (last year), is 7ft tall, and is a ‘luxury’ artificial tree. It has 3 different branch types, along with pine cones and plastic berries built in. Whilst I was aiming for a cheaper 6ft basic fir tree, but Tom does not do things by half (despite his many complaints about it being too big as we unfolded all the branches this year, and insisting he was not the one that pushed for the bigger tree). If we wanted to, we could just wrap lights around it and leave it as it is. But that is not me, and so out come the baubles!

Last year the tree was pretty bare, but this year I picked up all the old Christmas decorations I collected together from a previous relationship and shipped them up to Aberdeen to give my tree the treatment it deserves. Although there was a collection of purple ornaments that were banned from the tree (“You are not putting anything purple on my tree, Rachel” – Tom), it meant that we actually had a good amount of decorations. Neither me or Tom like tinsel, so you’ll see none of that. But I love the two tones of white lights and the sheer amount of sparkle!

You’ll notice nothing hangs down from the bottom branches – I’m planning another post about how Peggy copes with the tree and everything else Christmas related. She hasn’t tried to climb it so far, but this picture is probably an indicator of where things are going…

Have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? Let me know in the comments!

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