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The Dissertation Blog – Week One

The 11th September marked one very obvious, sombre occasion and another, slightly less obvious one – the first day of term for Aberdeen University students. And for those of us 4th year students in the School of Biological Sciences, that means the dreaded dissertation, honours project, thesis, whatever you want to call it, officially began! The next four months will be filled up by a range of experiences for everyone! Lab work, field work, risk assessments, desk based analysis, shouting at statistical analysis software, or maybe being sat out in the cold and rain for hours on end. We’re all here, all powering through.… Read More The Dissertation Blog – Week One


Calling Out Other Bloggers – Are We Going Too Far?

Subtweeting, or passive aggressive social media posting, is something that quite frankly needs to stop. I’m actually amazed that when I looked into passive aggression, it seemed to be more widely celebrated than condemned – you can find hundreds of web-pages citing hilarious examples of passive aggression before you’ll find one site that speaks about how detrimental it is. But I was previously emotionally abused to the point of becoming suicidal and passive aggression was my abuser’s favourite weapon. It left me permanently feeling like I was treading on eggshells, in a near constant state of panic, and responsible for every negative reaction she had towards me. Of course, this was a real-life situation, but online it can be all the more damaging because you cannot directly see the effect you have on your target. No doubt you hope they’ll read it, and maybe feel ashamed. Or maybe you think they won’t read it and you’ll only get the positive results of people agreeing with you. Those “Urgh, some people xyz…” tweets may feel good to write – after all, there’s no firm proof that you’re referring to anyone at all here – but it still has a fair chance of reaching it’s target. Whether they feel ashamed, or clap back, you send the tweet with negative intentions, and likely end up dealing a devastating blow.… Read More Calling Out Other Bloggers – Are We Going Too Far?


Diary of a Girl in a Slump: Why I went “Unplugged”

I’m not sure what the cause/effect relationship was here, but my recent anxiety flare up came about when my sleeping pattern became well and truly (excuse my language, mum) fucked. I’m not sure whether the anxiety flared up and caused me to start suffering from hypersomnia again (intense need to sleep for much longer than is healthy), or if the hypersomnia kicked in and led to me becoming more anxious than normal. Either way, a fine mix of sleeping for 11 hours a night and not being fully awake until midday and not climbing out of bed until 2pm, and finding myself thinking too much about and over-analyzing negative situations that happened a month ago saw me shrink right in on myself. Achieving simple tasks, like getting dressed or making a coffee became distressing to the point of ridiculousness, and my boyfriend was coming home from work at 5pm to find me a little down that I’d achieved virtually nothing that day. After a week of ignoring everything and my boiler breaking down (so adult), I snapped, and knew something had to give; I decided it was time to unplug and get myself together.… Read More Diary of a Girl in a Slump: Why I went “Unplugged”


Breaking the Mold – Why I Went to University Late

Going to university late is the best decision I’ve ever made. I know what my end goal is, and so I’m more determined to get to it. I’ve done the 18 year old party thing, so I never make excuses and go on a night out the day before a 9am lecture or a big deadline. Having already worked, I’m more organised and able to work multiple deadlines under pressure. Having lived in my own place, I knew what to look for in accommodation and had no nasty surprises about setting up bills or living costs. I already knew how to cook and do my own laundry. I knew how to exploit the experience to get the most out of it, and further my job prospects at the end.… Read More Breaking the Mold – Why I Went to University Late

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Exploring Scotland – Bennachie

If you’re new to hiking but fancy something a bit more substantial this is a surprisingly good, albeit challenging hike. It doesn’t take long, there are several route choices and the views are so worth the effort once you reach the top. My boyfriend insisted we park at the Visitor Centre and walk the Timeline Trail, and then mentioned halfway up it was probably the hardest route… Thanks! I had to stop maybe thirty times… But I went with no reservations about how hard the uphill climb would be, and made it despite my lack of fitness!… Read More Exploring Scotland – Bennachie

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Things You’ll Only Know if You’re a Cold Water Scuba Diver

Think scuba diving, and you probably get an image of vibrant coral reefs in somewhere beautifully warm, probably identifying every single Finding Nemo character you can. I’m only a little bit jealous of those of you that learned to dive in somewhere like Greece or Bali (and I’m definitely not crying over your beautiful underwater photos). If, like me, you dedicated yourself to the sport (or what was available at the time) and found yourself learning to dive in cold water, there’s certain things you know that warm water divers just don’t understand (or anyone else in the world, diver or otherwise). Sometimes it’s comical. Other times you just want to cry…… Read More Things You’ll Only Know if You’re a Cold Water Scuba Diver

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Exploring Scotland – Forvie National Nature Reserve

Honestly, this isn’t a post praising walking boots (but you should get some), I swear. If you haven’t read the last post (here) you wouldn’t know that I got a pretty awesome camera for my birthday but since a 15 minute trip to the beach I haven’t really been able to use it. Today I drove out to the Forvie National Nature Reserve in the beautiful village of Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, to go on a little hike and hopefully get a few good shots! Despite me and my zoom lens having a fair few disagreements (it really doesn’t like to be manually focused) I think I captured the essence of this really stunning national park!… Read More Exploring Scotland – Forvie National Nature Reserve

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New Camera! A Few Test Shots…

So, the camera. For my birthday, my parents sent me some money so I could choose my own camera and despite eyeing up an Olympus PEN E-PL8 for some time, I noticed that the Nikon entry level DSLRs were actually cheaper! After shopping around I decided on the Nikon D3300 – it came in a bundle with a standard lens and a zoom lens for just £425, so I couldn’t say no! It’s 24MP, has a guide mode built in and takes an awesome photo! And when the zoom lens is attached I look very professional, it’s amazing! I’ve been wanting a decent camera for wildlife photography for a while and I finally have it!… Read More New Camera! A Few Test Shots…