The New Addition – Meet the Kitten!

‘Peggy’ is a four week old ragdoll kitten. There is a little significance in the breed we chose – we desperately need an indoor cat, something I don’t heavily believe in. Cats descend from a solitary, predatory ancestor, are active hunters and roamers and need to establish a territory. I live in a second floor flat on a busy street in the city centre. I couldn’t just get any old cat and expect in to stay indoors.

Why I’m Done Playing the Number’s Game in Blogging

I think we can all agree that Instagram is hard. The stupid algorithm makes growth practically impossible, and the amount of effort it takes to write a caption and then your list of hashtags, only to get 10 new followers and then lose 12 (adjust numbers to fit your profile where necessary -mine’s small!). To grow, we have been told to support each other. Follow trains are common place, and there’s 101 blog posts explaining how to grow your Instagram.

I’ve Been Away – Getting my Head Together and Other Musings

You ever get that feeling when a blog post just comes to you and you need to type, even though at this point it’s just for you and it’s likely no one will read it? Well, hello, welcome to Word of Rachel! It’s been a while…

By a while, I mean a week. I love blogging, but as I’m going to explain in this post, I’ve been struggling with it lately.

Blogtober – Comic Book Inspired Makeup – Day 2 – Wonder Woman!

If you haven’t seen Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman movie, with Gal Gadot fantastically filling the titular role, where have you been?! This is by far the best movie of the year, and is currently holding up the entire DCEU on it’s own (I’m praying that Justice League will at least be good!). As a movie about a strong female character, and directed by a strong woman, only one word can describe it for me; iconic. Don’t tell me the “No Man’s Land” scene, where Diana ignores every man telling her not to go up onto the battle field and does it anyway, didn’t invoke at least a little emotion from you. It was the first time I’d seen a female character look at a man telling her what to do and completely scorn his advice, and end up leading the men. The very first time a female character has not looked to men and asked “what do we do now?”. Yup, iconic is the perfect word.

Blogtober – Comic Book Inspired Makeup – Day 1 – Batman!

I’m secretly a huge comic book nerd, right down to the reading. I’m a firm DC comics fan (soz Marvel, you’re cool too though!) and I decided a while ago that I wanted to start creating a few makeup looks based on characters from my favourite comics. I asked on Twitter what people thought, and I got an overwhelmingly positive response with more than 90% of 33 participants saying I should do one look every day in October. So I wrote my list and got started today!
The first look is based on a very iconic character – Batman. Everyone knows who Batman is – we grew up with the animated series and one incarnation of him on the silver screen (Ben Affleck is currently doing a pretty stellar job!). Batman was an obvious first choice for me – I’m a huge fan of the batfam in general and yes; every member will be featured in this series.