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Exploring Scotland – Forvie National Nature Reserve

Honestly, this isn’t a post praising walking boots (but you should get some), I swear. If you haven’t read the last post (here) you wouldn’t know that I got a pretty awesome camera for my birthday but since a 15 minute trip to the beach I haven’t really been able to use it. Today I drove out to the Forvie National Nature Reserve in the beautiful village of Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, to go on a little hike and hopefully get a few good shots! Despite me and my zoom lens having a fair few disagreements (it really doesn’t like to be manually focused) I think I captured the essence of this really stunning national park!… Read More Exploring Scotland – Forvie National Nature Reserve

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New Camera! A Few Test Shots…

So, the camera. For my birthday, my parents sent me some money so I could choose my own camera and despite eyeing up an Olympus PEN E-PL8 for some time, I noticed that the Nikon entry level DSLRs were actually cheaper! After shopping around I decided on the Nikon D3300 – it came in a bundle with a standard lens and a zoom lens for just £425, so I couldn’t say no! It’s 24MP, has a guide mode built in and takes an awesome photo! And when the zoom lens is attached I look very professional, it’s amazing! I’ve been wanting a decent camera for wildlife photography for a while and I finally have it!… Read More New Camera! A Few Test Shots…

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So, you want to be a Marine Biologist?

Conjure up the words “Marine Biologist” and the image of a tanned young woman leaping from a yacht into a vibrant coral reef, where she immediately begins a happy dance with a friendly dolphin comes to mind. Sadly, that is not marine biology and trust me, if I could get paid to do that, I would! Marine Biology is a huge, diverse subject covering a range of environments, animals, plants and ecological systems. It is not just cuddling dolphins in warm climates. If that’s what you want to do, save your money. Don’t go to uni. Get on a plane and head to the States and get a job at Seaworld (and don’t update me on your progress because I hate Seaworld! #EmptyTheTanks!).… Read More So, you want to be a Marine Biologist?


Why I’m Taking the Beauty out of this Blog!

In recent weeks, I’ve lot my passion for beauty blogging. New products have piled up and not been used, despite me photographing them. I’ve struggled to keep up with trends and have found that most of my beauty posts get seriously low engagement. I have tried to move towards promoting small brands and seriously niching this blog, but I have barely had the drive to do it.… Read More Why I’m Taking the Beauty out of this Blog!


Insta-Pods – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Enter pods! Instagram pods are groups of users fitting one niche boosting each other on Instagram. The concept is simple – find like minded people (anywhere up to 15 of them), gather them in an Instagram chat group, and share your posts as you post them. The group members all follow you, like every post you share and leave you a comment. Post becomes more popular and is shifted up the rankings. Horray – algorithm kicked squarely in the teeth!… Read More Insta-Pods – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Why I Cancelled my Birchbox Subscription

But I have decided that along with shelving the monthly subscription box posts, I’m also cancelling my Birchbox subscription. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, but when I received my July box and opened it up with an emotion of pure indifference I realised it wasn’t worth the monthly fee any more. I kept up until July to see what the Birthday Treat was (I’m guessing an extra sample, unless everyone else got 6 this month?), but I couldn’t get excited for the contents. Having a quick glance, I closed the box without really taking it in. I wasn’t disappointed, just underwhelmed. It was time to close my Birchbox account and kiss goodbye to that monthly gift.… Read More Why I Cancelled my Birchbox Subscription