Review: Manna Kadar Cosmetics GLO Illuminator

In the June Glossybox came this product: The Manna Kadar Cosmetics Glo Illuminator. I was really excited when this first came out of the box, and swatching it onto the back of my hand it gave a really pigmented rose-gold glow. I couldn’t wait to try it out properly! Today I decided to give it a go, by mixing it into my foundation! Applying one pump of my foundation to my oval buffing brush, I carefully squeezed a generous amount of this illuminator on top and blended the mixture onto my face.

Review: Sparklea Nail Polish “Mer-Maid You Laugh” Collection

I saw another blogger (who’s name I stupidly didn’t save, so if this is you I’m very sorry! Please tell me so I can credit/link you if you think it’s you!) rave about a brand called Sparklea. Checking them, I noticed it was a small brand, and Rachel loves a small brand. I was already sold though, because the collection being promoted was called “Mer-Maid You Laugh!”. So I bought one of each and excitedly waited for them to turn up!

Indy Luxe Makeup Brushes, rainbow makeup brushes

Small Brand Spotlight: Indy Luxe

First under the spotlight is the small, up and coming makeup brush brand Indy Luxe! If you follow as many bloggers as I do on social media, you’ve probably heard of Indy Luxe – their affiliate program is being promoted by a fair few bloggers! They’re responsible for creating some beautiful, Instagram worthy makeup brushes that are an absolute bargain! Being so blogger friendly, I thought they’d be the perfect first brand to feature under the spotlight. Thankfully, they agreed, so the new series is officially born!

I Ain’t Pageant Material – Why I Gave up on Modelling

I was the youngest model out of about 30 girls and although I never felt intimidated, it was the bitchiest experience ever. The stylists were taken to one area and the models were sent backstage. We were given instructions and then left to chat amongst ourselves. Some of the girls were so lovely, but a sharp divide occurred between the girls off the streets and the professional models. One girl kept saying “this is a mess, back when I did Fashion Week…” to the extent I wanted to ask her if she’d walked the catwalk at Fashion Week. Another one brought up her very expensive boob job with a top surgeon. The pro models formed a tight clique, and loudly began picking apart the other girls.

The Tanning Diary: St. Moriz Fast Tan

Another day, another fake tanner. It seems all I’m testing right now are fake tans. I won a pile of them in a giveaway, and so I’ve been exploring the possibilities! I’m a big fan of tinted mousses, and I’ve had some great experiences with them (see my comparison of Skinny tan and Solait here). Toady, I reached for the last express/fast tan in my collection, the St/ Moriz Fast Tan!

Fake Tanning: Budget or Blowout – Skinny Tan vs. Solait

Today, having spent 2 weeks trying to scrub off a slightly streaky tan, I decided to put two products to the test. I decided to see how my Skinny Tan Express Mousse 1 Hour Tan held up against a cheaper, but nearly identical alternative, Solait Mousse Express Tan Dark. The Solait product was sent to me in the giveaway – I did not choose the colour and have no idea if it comes in a lighter shade. I’ve already tried and tested the Skinny Tan product – read my review of that here.

June Glossybox Word of Rachel

June Glossybox: Unboxing

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been excited for this months Glossybox! Not only does it have 2 full sized treats, but it actually has 6 products, rather than the usual 5. There’s a great mix of products, with 3 skincare products, 2 makeup products and 1 hair product. So read on to see what I got, and what I think of the products!

Birchbox June 2017 Word of Rachel

June Birchbox: Daytrippin’

The beginning of the June has spun around quicker than I care for to be honest! Where is this year going and what do you mean I’m going to be 25 next month?!?! Whilst I’m busy simply trying to figure out time travel so I can be 21 again, my monthly subscription boxes arrived! This month’s summery Birchbox wasn’t a box at all, but a lovely little Birchbag instead!

The Scottish Isles: Visiting Islay

It’s been almost a year since I last set foot on one of the Scottish Isles. I have a goal of visiting every single one, and our next home-based trip is planned to be Mallaig, so we can visit Skye and the small isles (Rum, Muck and Eig). I’ve only ticked 4 off of my list, but by far my favourite has been the beautiful Isle of Islay…