“Women are More Attractive to Men Without Makeup” – An Open Response

In the world of everyday sexism, mansplaining and women being permanently told they don’t need feminism because we already have the ability to drive, vote and get a job, I’m certainly not the only person in the world to be given a blatantly sexist comment and been forced to bite my tongue, take a step back and few deep breaths whilst figuring out how best to handle a situation. But today, sadly, I realised I may have to shut down my pointless beauty blog because it was all about exploitation, money, and was making me look less attractive to men…

Review: Scrub Love Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil Scrubs

So a few weeks back I posted a review of a Scrub Love Activate Charcoal Scrub, and was a little on the fence about the whole thing. The scrubbing power was incredible, and gave me such a satisfying scrub. But the whole thing smelt a little… off. Being the open and honest reviewer I am, I including a lovely description of the smell. In rolls Scrub Love, the lovely people behind the scrub, to tell me that it should NOT smell the way I was describing it! They asked me to send it back and offered me a free full-sized scrub to make up for the mishap. Me being me, I chose my free one and paid for another because indecisiveness for the absolute win! So, a few days later, I sent back my smelly scrub and found myself with two new ones!

Things You Should Know Before Going Self Hosted

Self hosted may sound like a simple enough concept, and it’s often a step towards something else. After four months of blogging, I decided that going self hosted was preferable to using a paid WordPress plan so dove right in and set up my blog on a self hosted platform. But it wasn’t easy, and it hasn’t been easy since doing it. Quite a few people have asked me questions about it, so I’ve decided to get the FAQs out in this post, for anyone that is thinking about going self hosted.

Festivals 2017 – The ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

One of the biggest fashion looks I saw at Coachella was the boho look. I’m so happy it’s making a come back! Time for rustic, floral prints, loose fitting dresses, short denim shorts and loose, wavy hair. It’s all about naturalness. The “I woke up like this” vibe. As if you rolled out of bed, selected the first piece of crumpled up clothing from your floordrobe and waltzed out of the front door, glowing and glorious. Except in reality, it’s a carefully calculated look, pairing the right print with the right accessories and the right makeup. But in my opinion, the right makeup is the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup look.

Skincare Mistakes You Might Be Making

Walk into any beauty shop or pharmacy and there will be walls and displays filled with various skin care products, each one with a different promise to cure all of your facial ‘aliments’. But these things are designed to confuse you and to be sold. It’s easy to make mistakes when sorting out an adequate skin care routine. Not to mention bloggers (yes, we must hold some responsibility here) and beauty gurus are all pushing expensive, necessary products, despite having no professional experience or qualifications (but may be being paid to push a certain product). Now, I’m no dermatologist, but I do have some relatively advanced chemistry knowledge and have been in tune with my skin care since I was 11 years old. I know a few things. A few weeks back I watched a well known Youtuber’s video on her ‘Make Off Routine’ and was appalled by what I saw; her efforts were so bad for her skin. So I’ve developed this list of things you definitely should not do if you want healthy skin.

Brands and Bots – What’s the Deal?

A few weeks back, having reviewed a small brand with a great ethos and wonderful audience, I was followed by another start-up British brand. Having liked the look of their products, I gave them a follow, and then I ordered a few and waited patiently for them to arrive. All I received was an order confirmation, nothing else. No estimated shipping time, no invoice, nothing. I put it down to the brand being small and thought little of it. When the products took almost 2 weeks to arrive, I was anxious. The products, thankfully, were good, but the packaging was a little confusing. I decided to check the website to see if their was any advice on how to work the packaging. Not knowing the website, I quickly went through Instagram and noticed something suspicious; their following had grown exponentially, from around 2000 to over 9000 followers in the 2 weeks since I’d ordered, despite very little new content. Checking their following list, I noticed I’d been mysteriously unfollowed.

Review: Skinny Tan Express Mousse 1 Hour Tan

I’ve heard good things about Skinny Tan, but I also found some of their claims about their products a little outrageous. Enough fake tans will claim to give you a streak free finish only to leave you bitterly disappointed. This tanner claims to leave you with no orange colouration, and apparently contains natural ingredients which work with the skin, meaning you physically cannot streak it. It also apparently leaves no nasty smells. So I went in skeptical, but more than happy to put it to the test.

Review: Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

I won a Twitter giveaway recently, and the prize was a bottle of the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. I’ve followed Too Faced for years, but have never either had the need or the money to buy any of their products. So I was suitably excited to give this product a whirl. The primer cost £27.00 and is a generous size, and is a little different to other primers I’ve used.

Review: Scrub Love Activated Charcoal Scrub

But over the years I’ve found exfoliation products to be a little hit and miss. Some products have so much scrubbing power it hurts whereas others have a few beads in them, so small you can hardly feel them working. I usually use mitts because they provide the best scrubbing power, and you can control it. But this month I was provided with an interesting exfoliation product in my Glossybox (read my full unboxing here); the Scrub Love Activated Charcoal Scrub, and a little scrubbing pad to go with it. I was so excited to try it out, and today I finally opened up the packet and gave it a go!